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Lightroom Mod Apk (Lr Mod)

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Version: v9.1.1 | Size: 124 MB

Lightroom mobile MOD APK’s latest version includes all the premium features, which users can access for free, and they can have the best application functionality experience. Mod APK is available for download for Android devices and offers many features.

In addition to editing capabilities, Lightroom Mod APK offers robust organizational features, such as creating albums, adding tags and ratings, and searching for photos by metadata. The app also includes integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing you to easily sync your photos and edits between devices and access them on the web.

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What is Lightroom MOD APK?

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo editing and organization application for mobile devices. The modified version of Lightroom is free to download and use, offering additional features and functionality.

The premium version of Lightroom is a paid subscription that you can access with Lightroom MOD APK download and unlocks additional features such as the entire library of filters and presets, advanced organizational tools, and advanced sharing options.


These features are a premium available for the premium version of Lightroom, but you can access them by downloading the Lightroom mod app with these features.

Get access to presets

LR MOD APK provides the premium features of presets; users can access a full library of presets, which are pre-made sets of editing adjustments that can be quickly applied to a photo. Presets allow you to easily achieve specific looks or styles with just a few clicks and can save you time editing multiple photos.

In addition to the presets included with the premium Lightroom version, users can also create and save their own presets. This allows you to create your custom looks or save your favorite editing combinations for easy reuse.

You can access the unlimited presets by downloading the LR Premium Version. So, you need to select the photo you want to edit to use presets in Lightroom. Then, navigate to the Presets panel in the Develop module. You can browse the available presets and apply them to your photo by clicking on the desired preset. You can also create your own presets by making the desired edits to a photo, clicking the “+” button in the Presets panel, and selecting “Create Preset.”

Color enhancements

Color enhancement is one of the essential features of Adobe Lightroom. This tool is very powerful in photo editing, and you can access all the premium options of this tool with the mod app of Lightroom and have a wide range of options for enhancing the colors in your photos. Some of the color enhancement features available in Lightroom include:

  • White balance: Adjust the overall color balance of your photo by setting the temperature and tint values.
  • Tone curve: Adjust the tonal values in your photo by manipulating the tone curve.
  • HSL/Color: Fine-tune the hue, saturation, and luminance values of specific colors in your photo.
  • Split toning: Add color tints to the highlights and shadows of your photo.
  • Selective editing: Use the adjustment brush, radial filter, or gradient filter to apply color adjustments to specific areas of your photo.

To access these color enhancement features in Lightroom, select the photo you want to edit and navigate to the Develop module. You will find the various color enhancement tools in the right-side panel.

Object removals

 Object removal is one of the most powerful and best tools for picture editing. You can get this tool free with many object removal features with Lightroom Mod. You can remove all the unnecessary objects from your pictures smoothly and make them look better. Some of the object removal features available in Lightroom include:

  • Clone tool: The clone tool can copy pixels from one photo part and paste them over the object you want to remove.
  • Healing brush: Use the healing brush to automatically blend the pixels you are copying with the surrounding area for a more seamless result.
  • Spot healing brush: Use the spot healing brush to automatically detect and remove small objects or blemishes from your photo.

To access these object removal tools in Lightroom, select the photo you want to edit and navigate to the Develop module. You will find the clone and healing brush tools in the toolbar at the top of the screen. To use the spot healing brush, click on the “Edit” button in the toolbar and select “Spot Healing Brush” from the drop-down menu.


By downloading the Lightroom Pro APK, you can have a premium perspective tool that allows you to correct the perspective of your photos, which can be helpful if the photo appears distorted due to the angle at which it was taken. The perspective tool allows you to straighten lines that appear to converge, such as the sides of buildings or the horizon line.

To access the perspective tool in Lightroom, select the photo you want to edit and navigate to the Develop module. Click on the “Transform” tab in the right-side panel. Under the “Transform” tab, you will find the perspective sliders, which allow you to adjust the perspective of your photo.

To use the perspective tool, drag the sliders until the lines in your photo are straightened to your liking. You can also use the “Auto” button to let Lightroom automatically adjust your perspective. Please note that using the perspective tool may result in some cropping of your photo.

Adobe cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a cloud-based service that allows you to access, store, and share your files and creative assets across multiple devices. With Creative Cloud, you can sync your photos and edits between the desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom and access your photos on the web through the Lightroom web app.

To sign in to Creative Cloud in Lightroom, go to the “File” menu and select “Sign In.” Enter your Creative Cloud login information and follow the prompts to complete the sign-in process. Once you are signed in, you can enable the syncing and sharing features by going to the “File” menu and selecting “Sync with Lightroom CC” or “Export to Adobe Cloud.”

What are additional features?

In addition to these features, the premium version of Lightroom offers some additional functionality, such as:

  • Basic photo editing tools such as exposure, contrast, and white balance
  • Advanced editing tools such as Remove haze, split toning, and selective editing
  • A range of filters and presets for quickly applying specific looks to your photos
  • Robust organizational features such as albums, tags, ratings, and metadata search
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud for syncing photos and edits between devices and the web
  • Access to Lightroom’s full library of filters and presets
  • The ability to create and save your own presets.
  • Advanced features for organizing and managing your photos, such as keyword tagging and location mapping
  • Advanced sharing options, including the ability to publish directly to social media platforms

Download Adobe Lightroom Mod APK for Android

lightroom mod apk
App NameAdobe Lightroom Mod APK
App Versionv9.1.1
Size124 MB
Require Android5.0 & Up
LicensePremium Unlocked
SourceGoogle Play
Updated Date1 Day Ago

App Preview

How to install LR APK on Android

Installing the Lightroom MOD APK to access the premium features on your smartphone is very simple Because you can easily install the MOD APK by following all the steps listed below.

  • To start the installation process on your Android device, first, you need to open your phone settings to enable the unknown sources option.
  • Then search on Google for the modified version of Lightroom and select a trusted website to download the apk file.
  • After downloading the Lightroom mod APK file, go to the download folder and search for the APK file to install it on your phone.
  • Click the MOD APK file and permit to install it.
  • Open the Lightroom application and edit your photos when the installation is complete.


Final words

If you are working as a professional photographer or photo editor or are a photo designer and want to edit your pictures thoroughly. In that case, this lightroom mod APK version is best for you with the unlocked premium features that will help you edit your pictures more effectively.

With the LR mod APK file, you can access the enhanced version of Lightroom, and users can enjoy the full functionality of the application. So if you want to access all the premium features, download the Lightroom APK file.

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